Fibromyalgia is a Snow Globe

My fibromyalgia pain is like a snow globe.

If you agitate a snow globe, the snow will whirl around in its container without a care in the world until it quickly rests on the bottom.

My resting state is pain and only when I shake myself up do I get to experience some freedom to move about as I wish.

The only hiccup in this lovely metaphor is that it takes about 15 minutes of constant excruciating pain on the elliptical machine to get to the threshold of relief.*

What I didn’t understand was how quickly the ache would settle in my bones when I missed out on the gym for five days. I walked a lot but it still didn’t give me the relief I needed – the warming of the muscles seems to be the way to go.

Now, I feel like I’m almost back where I started, all because I missed out on my self-care.


Yay! Consequences!



*If you have Fibromyalgia, you’re probably reading this and thinking that I’m crazy. I know that you are in pain and that the idea of giving all your spoons up to this gamble is probably going to bite you in the ass, but you need to stick it out until your muscles get warm.

If you’re in pain, that means you need to keep going. Push past it. It may even take longer than that for you, but the elliptical machine is a wonderful way to work out with very little impact.

You’re going to want to burst into tears throughout the entire process. I was so scared that I’d never be able to recover and I’d be on my back for the next week. I was surprised when I wasn’t…and then every time I’d push past the pain, it would get better.

I wish the best for you on your journey!

All my love,



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