How to find relief from Fibromyalgia through exercise

The last time I joined a gym, I was living near one of the new and upcoming areas in Toronto. They had a lovely Goodlife Fitness that was just a short 15 minute walk from my house.

That 15 minute walk was the first excuse to roll off my tongue the next morning.

Following that was: I don’t feel comfortable, I just got home from work, Is it supposed to hurt this much? I’m too tired…

I did stick it out for a few sessions and two spin classes; I understood that pain is gain but why wasn’t it working for me?

I was in so much pain and I wasn’t gaining anything except frustration. Why?

After the diagonsis of Fibromyalgia, it was difficult to accept that I was going to be in pain my whole life. Certain medications helped and from what I knew, activity did not.

It wasn’t until I was talking to my doctor friend and he explained that if I wasn’t going to change my medication (like he wanted me to) then why wasn’t I pushing through the pain?

Excuse me?

You’re asking me why I’m not putting myself in MORE pain? Walking hurts and you want me to climb Machu Pichu? GET STUFFED!

He was right though and I couldn’t see it through my laundry list of reasons why it couldn’t be done.

Here’s the simple way that I help to fend off my flares and about 60% of my pain: I go on the elliptical and I don’t stop until the pain goes away.

Now, I do have to explain that it’s not that easy but it does work! You really can get relief from Fibromyalgia!

I had to slowly work my way up from yoga every third day to incorporating it into my routine for a few weeks before I could even look at the workout equipment. Even now, I do yoga before and after my workout.

It’s a slow and painful process; the minutes until the relief are some of the worst pain I’ve ever experienced.

The secret to decreasing pain? Increase exercise until you can vigorously do cardio to warm your muscles and push yourself past the first 15-20 minutes.

Think of it like a snowglobe.

When you’re in pain, your snow has settled and the only way to get that relief is to shake the crap out of it. It hurts and it will make you want to vomit from the pain.

Just keep working on it, you’ll get there!


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