A dear friend’s little sister (who is also a dear friend) came over for a visit.

She had a crazy idea to melt Rollos on pretzels. I have to tell you, it was magical; I definitely had more than one.

On top of that, I had popcorn, another rollo chocolate bar to myself, chicken wraps, and burgers (WITH THE BUN!)

The next day I binged on chocolate coconut milk ice cream and cocount smiles (essentially dried coconut) AND enjoyed the crap out of some pizza.

By the will of the CICO and gym gods, I have still lost weight.

When I stepped on that scale earlier this evening, my heart sank as everything that I had eaten over the past few days was suddenly on that scale with me. But – I worked my butt off and was sensible the rest of the time.

It’s nice to know that sometimes I can indulge and also that if I slip and binge, that it’s not that big of a deal in relation to my weight loss. In fact, binge eating is helping me to identify issues within myself that I still need to work on.

Perspective, right?


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