Reaching old goals, under 260lbs!

In the year after college, I tried the weight loss thing. College-Bestie and I did it together, at the time I had ballooned up from 230lbs to 258lbs and my boyfriend of a handful of years decided to break up with me by ghosting me.

I was super uncomfortable with myself, I was in pain and I didn’t know why (I had only begun to consider Fibromyalgia). I ended up joining a gym and that only made the pain un-liveable. (Read the Article)

At this time I had a single goal: Get to 250lbs. My weight was climbing at 263lbs. The workouts, the attempts to eat right, the guesstimating calories, and the wii-fit combined didn’t help me to get to my goal.


It’s because I was still lying to myself about my food intake and I was very emotional at that time; I felt like I was owed those indulgences because my heart had been broken.

After working through my codependency issues and many others, I’ve finally been able to exact some control over my life and I’m finally in the homestretch of my original goal!

With my shoes on (approx 2lbs), I’m 259.0!

I’ve been going to the gym every third day increasing to every other day for the past couple months now. I’ve lost 26 inches!

Taking responsibility for myself is the best thing that I’ve ever done. It seems silly to people who haven’t suffered through it, but sometimes control is a myth in those situations. I never have to return to that and now I can finally move forward.

I’m doing it with less baggage – pounds and pounds are being left behind!


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