5 Things to help with weight loss

So here it is: the new diet plan!

Yeah, it’s a bit of a mess but we all have to start somewhere.

My eating goal is anywhere from 1200-1400 calories a day whereas my roommate, Rumi (Roomie?), is trying to gain muscle so she needs more protein.

This exercise in healthy eating left my roommate and I with a shopping list that we could work with and a direction for our combined weight loss/healthy living journey.

It’s easier to make changes when you have support, so we decided to do it together. You can see her differing snack choices and my coffee tucked in underneath.

Here are my five things to help with weight loss so far:

  1. Remembering to take my water bottle with me everywhere I go and to grab a full glass with every meal and snack.
  2.  Subreddits called /r/loseit and /r/1200isplenty
  3. My fitbit (yes, I know…you must be tired of hearing about it already…)
  4. Honesty – Reading /r/fatlogic is a great way to see that you don’t need that extra cookie for being good.
  5. Dealing with my emotional trauma (Reading Brian F Martin’s Invincible)

It’s my first evening on my new diet plan as I write this and the cravings are starting to hit. There are literally hours before bed, am I going to snack?

Maybe I’ll take a walk instead.


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