Fitbit Games: Wokamon, The Pedometer Fitness Game

Since the purchase of my fitbit, I have quickly adapted to life with my wrist tracker. I love the sleep tracking, the food logs, and the activity meter.

The other neat thing about this hardware is that people have created software that uses your fitbit’s data. Sounds lame but there are games!

I love this kind of kitschy stuff – I was really into Cafe World on facebook when it was the big thing. So pointless yet addictive.

Except. This game isn’t.



Hear me out – this is an app that works like one of those facebook games that allows you to track your progress. You’re not just playing a game – you’re using your steps to help you achieve your fitness goals.

My hope is that I’ll want to wear my fitbit to track my activity so that my app will pick it up and give me points to level my Wokamon. If I didn’t wear it, I would feel disappointed at all those wasted steps.

Leveling up through walking allows you to increase your multiplier so that you get more gems when you tap your Wokamon and then you can purchase outfits or more Wokamon to level.

By the end, if you have multiple Wokamon all decked out, I’d say it wasn’t a waste of time. Those pixels equate to steps that you’ve taken to be more active and that’s an achievement.

You can download this game for your phone  at


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