Goodbye Guesswork – Fitbit is my new best friend

I’ve always had a problem with counting calories. Everytime I’d go to track my daily physical work day, I felt like even though I was sweating that maybe I was over estimating the amount of calories I’d burned.

My guesstimate felt like it was somewhere between a humble brag and a pittance; I was never comfortable with it.

I may be a bit late to the scene, but my fitbit is my new best friend. The presence of the arm band is a reminder to track my food and be mindful of my calories.

It also solves the problem that I had with counting calories earlier by tracking the amount of calories that I’m burning even while at rest.

Goodbye guesswork!

With the determination of someone buying a New Year’s resolution gym membership, I’m off like a wobbly shot!

Unfortunately, my health issues hinder me from time to time – think burning all over with no escape – and my unresolved baggage from childhood abuse has led me to living with crazy amounts of unwarranted stress and a messed up relationship with food.

I’m currently 267lbs. I was 284lbs.

This stressy eating has to stop for my health. For me.


Here we go!


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